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Do you have the right mindset to go full-time?

Running a business while working a 9-5 can be hard. One of the hardest things is making a mindset shift from employee to entrepreneur. Work ethic will only take you so far. It takes a mindset shift to put you in a position to take the right action to accomplish your goals to go from side-hustler to full-time business owner. Here are three mindset shifts that every 9-5er should make to turn their side hustle into their main income. You ready?

1.Investing in your business is not a quick transaction. We are taught that if we work 80 hours we get a paycheck in two weeks.

An investment is meant for long-term sustainability. Not a two-week turnaround. When you are investing in your business and more importantly yourself know that you are investing for the future and not for tomorrow.

2. Learn to manage your emotions, just as much as you manage your time and money. Working a 9-5 and running a business is an emotional journey with a lot of ups and downs.

You are going to have long and hard days at work, but you will still have to show up for your business. You will have slow seasons in your business and busy days at work. No matter what, manage your emotions during the good and bad times.

3. Make a decision and commit to it. The hardest mindset shift is deciding to build your dream and sticking to it.

You will fail and make mistakes, but decide to build it anyway. Building a business while working is 9-5 is hard because you are taking a leap of faith to leave the comfort of a career to live the life you know you deserve. No matter what, BUILD IT ANYWAY!

+ Clap for yourself. You decided to do what most people wouldn't dare to do, start a business while working full-time. Make the mindset shifts so you can turn your side-hustle into your main income.

I can't wait until you celebrate your freedom day!

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