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From being passed over on promotions to giving myself pay raises on demand

Have you ever wanted something so bad and it just wasn't in the cards for you? Yeah, me too 🙃

When I started my career I worked tirelessly trying to climb the corporate roles from working overtime with no pay, serving in leadership roles, and taking on extra to show my dedication. I thought this was the best way to get recognition and pay raises.

But the craziest part is that being passed on a promotion ended up being one of the biggest blessing in disguise.

It thought me to learn to work harder for myself than my job.

So how did climbing the corporate ladder help me design brands for my clients?

1. Do not build your future on borrowed land

It's okay to want to work a job while building a business at the same time, but never get too comfortable that you forget to create your own exit plan. You have a skill

2. Add a deadline to everything important

Your job constantly places deadlines on you to get things done. Your business will require you to do the same which is why I incorporate them into my process. Learn to draw the line in the sand when you want to get things done.

3. You are worth investing in!

We invest thousands of dollars, time, and energy to land that dream. I’m going to be honest, I got a master’s degree to be more competitive in the workplace while working two jobs because to me it was worth it. I had to learn to give my dreams that same energy.

This led me to book out my services, invest in my first coach, raises my prices, and make enough in my business to put down the deposit for my house 🙌🏾 won’t he do it!

For a while, I was ashamed of my story, but unfortunately, it’s the truth about corporate America: you do not own your job. I couldn’t imagine myself going through that for 30 years, and it was time to build something I own and help other 9-to-5 entrepreneurs build a brand that allows them to do the same.

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