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3 Common Branding Mistakes to Avoid.

It's so easy to get caught up in the glitz and glam of branding without understanding the common mistakes that you could be making. These minor mistakes can easily make or break your brand.

+ The Mistake: Creating a brand without having a target audience in mind.

Contrary to belief your brand is not just about you. It needs to be flexible and adaptable to your ideal client. Brands often make this mistake in two ways, by creating a brand with everyone in mind or with the wrong person in mind. Remember marketing to everyone is marketing to no one.

- The Solution: Identify your ideal client first and create a brand strategy that they will be attracted to.

The first step is to figure out who want to serve and then create a plan on how you want to serve them. Really get to know your ideal client. Where do they shop, what are their hobbies, where do they like to hang out? All of this matters when identifying your ideal client.

+ The Mistake: Trying to follow the newest and hottest trends.

This is a big no! Trends come and go. There was a time where people were only shopping at brick and mortar stores. Stores like Circuit City and Blockbuster used to dominate their industry until the trend changed and the internet was introduced. Those businesses failed because their business was built on a trend and not a strong foundation.

- The Solution: Create a strong brand foundation that focuses on genuine representation.

A solid foundation is not easily destroyed. A solid foundation changes with the times while still being able to maintain and strengthen their brand awareness and brand loyalty.

+ The Mistake: No brand consistency.

Consistency is key. If your brand looks three different ways on three different platforms it will be hard for your potential clients to identify you. I'm not just talking about your brand colors or logo, but your brand strategy, message, voice, etc...

- The Solution: Make sure your brand is cohesive and recognizable no matter where you are marketing.

If billion-dollar brands are mastering brand consistency, then that should show you how important it is to create consistency in your brand. Let's look at Target. No matter what Target you visit in the world, you will always see a cohesive and recognizable brand. There may be minor changes but the overall strategy and identity are the same.

Are you ready to stop making these mistakes and level up your online presence?

Take a look at my services and fill out an inquiry form to get started!

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