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3 mistakes you're making when trying to identify your ideal client

Did you know not being able to identify your ideal client can affect the way you show up and make money in your business?

Knowing who you serve and why is so crucial to take your business to the next level and really change the game for your brand.

Mistake #1: Not understanding their pain point.

Identifying your ideal client is not about trying to figure out their interest and demographics. Yes, it is important but not enough to make someone want to work with you. Your ideal client is not just a person, it's a pain point that they have.

Mistake #2: Trying to have the same client and serve the same people as your competitor.

You do not know everything about your competitor's business to be comfortable enough to want to serve the same people as them.

Just because they have a niche doesn't mean you need one. Just because they work with small business owners does not mean you should too. Your clients should be based on your secret sauce, not your competitors.

Mistake #3: Focusing on serving everyone, instead of just one person.

Trying to serve any and everyone is serving no one at all. This is the quickest way to feel overwhelmed and burned out.

It's so easy to want to work with everyone especially when you're new or have certain goals, but working with one type of quality client is more sustainable and successful than trying to serve many that don't suit you.

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With Gratitude,

Kim Flournoy

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