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How to show up for your business (other than social media)

Can I share something with you,

I used to think the only way to show up for my business is by showing up on social media every day. I figured if I showed up there consistently then my business would be in good shape... I was wrong.

☁️ Imagine showing up for your business outside of social media and still not missing a beat in your business.

Showing up simply means doing something for your business every day that will help move you forward.

I get it, social media is easy, fun, and a great way to get in front of your audience, but that's not the only way you need to show up for your business. I know you see people preaching for you to post more on social media so you can gain more followers who may eventually turn into "clients".

But what they don't tell you is showing up for your business goes beyond the gram.

➡️ You show up for the gram, but do you have a system and strategy to nurture them.

➡️ You got thousands of views on Reels 📹 but no website to drive traffic to and convert into clients and no brand to ensure you are attracting your ideal client and that your brand message is actually resonating.

Showing up for your business also means...

➡️ Having a brand that aligns with your goals and vision.

➡️ Showing up for your business means getting organized and creating a system.

Don't just focus on showing up for your business on social media. Focus on showing up in other areas too.

I know you're tired of trying to put together a Reel for a few views and likes. Focus on building a brand that goes beyond the gram.

Need more tips on how to show up for your business to build a strong brand? Follow me on the gram for more @kfiwebdesign

With Gratitude,

Kim Flournoy

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