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Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Hiring A Web Designer/ Brand Strategist.

Okay, you took a leap of faith and decided to chase your dreams. Now you're ready to take your business to next level by creating a strong brand and online presence. Before making a decision on which designer to work with you should definitely ask yourself some questions first. Think about choosing a designer, like finding the right babysitter for your child(because let's be honest your business is your baby too). What qualities do you want them to have? How many hours do you want them to work? What are your reasons for hiring them? What services do you want them to perform? See you wouldn't hire a babysitter for your child without asking yourself questions and the same goes for hiring a designer for your business.

Here are questions you should ask yourself before deciding on which web design or brand strategist to work with:

+ Do I have a solid business plan and marketing strategy?

- Let me be clear, all web designers and brand strategists are not business coaches (at least I am not). However, some web designers and brand strategists offer mentorship and coaching as an add-on service. Think of web designers and brand strategists as an important piece of a puzzle. It's necessary for completion but does not take the place of other instrumental pieces. Ask yourself if you need a business plan with web design then try to find a designer that offers both. But do not assume that all web designers and brand strategists are business coaches. You will frustrate both yourself and the designer because all your essential needs will not be met.

+ What investment am I willing to make?

- Web designers and brand strategist do not base their prices on your budget, but on their worth. Please don't get offended if their prices are not in your budget, instead ask yourself am I willing to make the investment, or what changes do I need to make in my business so that I can afford the service? You wouldn't go to a car dealership without a budget, so don't invest in a web designer without one. Many web designers and brand strategists offer free clarity or consultation calls. It's the perfect time to ask questions and decide what works best for you and if you're ready for the investment.

+ What goals do I want to accomplish with a brand and web design?

- Without goals, there is no vision. Write down the goals you have for your brand and website. What do you hope to accomplish? Goals are like a GPS. You can't tell yourself where to go if you can't identify where you're at. Share those goals with your web designer and brand strategist so they can be sure to create a strategy that aligns with your vision.

+ Final Thoughts

- I really hope these questions help you before making a decision. It's not about making an easy choice, but the best choice for your business.

Have the answer to your questions? Book a free clarity call with me to discover your web design and branding partner in crime.

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