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When You Know Better, You do Better: 3 signs that it's time to level up your brand.

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

It's so easy to get caught up in something you love and feel comfortable with, but what if it no longer represents who you are? I remember in college, I loved going to classes in sweat pants. I was a collegiate athletic so it made sense to be in something comfortable and easy. During my senior year, I saw myself growing out of the sweat pants phase and more into fashionable attire. I knew sweats no longer fit me and it was time to level. Trust, the same goes for your brand.

When your mindset no longer matches your message or mission then it's time to re-evaluate and make adjustments to your brand. Don't get so caught up in being comfortable that you ignore the signs that are telling you it's time to make a switch. STOP LEAVING YOUR BRAND TO CHANCE. Nothing will change unless you do.

Sign #1 Your website and brand no longer reflects your vision.

You ever notice when a brand says one thing, but their business does something else, It's confusing right? You're not sure what they do or if they can even help you. Your brand and vision should align. People should know what you do and what you stand for just by your brand. If you're providing a particular service or product but your brand and website does not match what your vision or what you are doing, it time to level up.

Sign #2 Your business strategy has changed.

Change is constant. What your brand stood for when you first started, may be different 5 years from now or even 1 year into the business. I remember when I first started my business, my strategy was geared towards providing affordable and dynamic websites and marketing strategies for small to mid-size businesses and startups. Going into my second year of business, I knew I had to change my business strategy to attract more of my ideal clients (being "affordable" brought a lot of not so ideal clients). I hired a coach, created a new business strategy, and rebranded my entire business based on my changes. Nothing changes unless you change.

Sign #3 You're struggling to set yourself apart from the competition.

Have you ever gone down the bread aisle in the grocery store and you notice there are several options to choose from, yet you still choose your favorite no matter how many options are available? Is it because of the price? The packaging? The ingredients? With so many options to choose from you have to find a way to stand out. In other words, make your brand the go to bread! Your brand is more than a nice logo and colors. What makes your brand so special that your ideal client will bypass the others to work with you? If your brand is struggling to make that distinction, then it's time to level up your brand.

Brand Audit Workbook

Knowing when to level up your brand is so necessary to the growth of your business. Don't allow your business to be stuck because you are comfortable with a brand that is no longer working for you. I want to help you find clarity with your brand by offering you the FREE Brand Audit Workbook. The workbook offers tools to help you evaluate your brand to see if its time to level up. Subscribe to the blog to get your copy!

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