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Why Beyoncé House of Dereon Brand Failed and how she bounced back with her new line.

First and foremost before y'all come for me, I love Beyoncé and she is a creative genius!

But let's be real we were not running around and going crazy for her House of Dereon Jeans. So what happened? Let's break this down from a branding perspective.

Mistake #1

Her brand did not have a clear ideal client. The brand was based on her personal preference, a mix of the 70s and her grandmother's style from the 40s, but made it street.

*Designing a brand based on personal preferences and not an ideal client can create confusion and a confused consumer does not buy.

Mistake #2

She did not prepare her current audience for the shift in her brand. Beyoncé is known as a musical star and for her to all of a sudden jump in her fashion bag, people were not ready.

*A successful brand is well-thought-out and intentional. Popularity does not always equal profit if your audience is not ready to buy. Anytime you decide to have a major shift in your brand it needs to be backed by a brand strategy.

Mistake #3

She did not build trust and authority in her fashion brand. Clearly, no one can go toe-to-toe with her when it comes to music, but fashion... well she wouldn't be on someone's top list of designers.

*Trust and authority are crucial in having a long-term and sustainable brand. Most people think creating a professional brand is about increasing profit, but it's about being the trusted go-to person and establishing your community.

So how did Queen B come back with a bang in the launch of her new brand Ivy Park?

Let's dive in...

(1) She not only identified her ideal client, but she let the world know who her brand was for by sending them PR boxes to their front door.

* People may not know if you serve them if you don't tell them!

(2) Was House of Deron really fail or just a setup for something better? Her current audience did not shift, but her new audience was ready!

* This allowed her to have a collab with Adidas and create a timeless brand. Let's just say her brand strategy was on point.

(3) Overtime Beyoncé has become a huge trendsetter in the fashion industry. She built trust and authority as an on the rise fashion icon.

* At this point she can't miss when it comes to her style. *Hint* she began showing up for the people she wanted to attract.

So, is your brand House of Dereon or Ivy Park?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Jun 02

Well they both failed so hopefully she does better with Cécred

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